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Make use of the power of multi-screen and multi-channel advertising.

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Monetize better with industry leading CPM rates across all the channels and screen formats.
Every spend will get you higher ad impressions for your display ads, native ads, contextual ads or video ads.


Multiple Ad Formats

At Adterra we present a framework for a multi-screen ad platform that allows publishers to help marketers deliver targeted, personalized ads. The platform enables publishers to understand whom they are reaching with their non-addressable primary screen, mainly television, while strategically controlling reach and frequency with addressable digital media.


Multi-Channel Reach

AdTerra can help marketers reach the right customer at the right time based on their knowledge of customer location data. In addition, our use social networking service providers can dramatically increase the impact of multi-screen ad campaigns with better understanding of consumers’ social networking usage behavior. With this AdTerra can add enormous value in the delivery of targeted ads.

Targeted Multi-Channel Ads

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