Contextual Ads

Targeted ads based on intent.

With AdTerra's propreitary ad network , contextual ads filter the user's intent by analysing relevant keywords, which delivers highly targeted ads based on user's intent which drive better campaign performance and increase ROI.


Multi-Screen Display Ads

Reach where your customers are.

As an advertiser you brands can stay ahead of the curve by effectively building multi-touch cross-media campaigns. With the AdTerra's vast subscriber reach and access to subscriber data, we can help marketers navigate the changing dynamics of a multi-screen world.


Native Ads

Better user experience.

AdTerra's Native ads are fully customized from the ground-up to the look and feel of your applicarion and web pages. This allows for a seamless user expeerience which has a non-intrusive feel to it.


For Advertisers

Connect to your customers throuch our multi-screen and multi-channel smart advertising platform for better, more engaging ad experiences.



For Publishers

Monetize easily with AdTerra's our multi-screen and multi-channel advertising platform that generates higher imperssions with high ROIs.


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