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Make use of the power of multi-screen and multi channel advertising for your brand.

Multi-screen Platform

AdTerra multi-screen platform allows you handle campaign planning and management in the new and complex digital media ecosystem. As an advertiser you brands can stay ahead of the curve by effectively building multi-touch cross-media campaigns. With the AdTerra's vast subscriber reach and access to subscriber data, we can help marketers navigate the changing dynamics of a multi-screen world.


Multi-channel Reach

AdTerra has put forth many ways to advertise, display screens, mobile etc. even considering multiple device types — so the opportunities multiply even more. While most brands are already utilizing one or two of each, expanding their strategy to include all of the above would ensure their message is reaching the right audiences at the right time, and delivering an optimal experience.


Thorough Reach. Increased ROI.

AdTerra has spawned new systems of ad delivery. Systems such as ad networks can increase marketing ROI by providing more efficient pricing and increased audience reach. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) can help further streamline the ad delivery process by optimizing ad placement in real-time across multiple inventory sources. We embrace these systems together in order to help marketers build more effective digital marketing campaigns.

Targeted Multi-Channel Ads

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